Friday, June 17, 2011

Pariahcon 2011

Alright, not going to lie..I got next to NO pictures this convention, but still had a reasonably good time.  Why no pictures you may ask?  Well, truth be told..there just really were not very many cosplayers this convention.  I don't quite know why.  Aside from the 'Miss Pokemon contest' which was a contest for gijinka styles cosplay there really were NO others.

It was only a two day convention in Lakeland FL.  Staffing was decent.  Though the location was both great and terrible;  I'll explain.  It was just off of the highway, which made it easy to find, plus had several locations to eat nearby within walking distance.  The hotel itself seemed to be in shambles though.  I was told it was because the original owner said it would be under renovations the year before but then got swept under the rug and the renovations haven't happened yet.  If they will time will tell.  If it's in the same location next year without any maintenance I won't be returning.  My first hotel room (I booked a suite) was not a suit first of all, simply a room with a king size bed and that was basically the ONLY addition to it.  Plus the room's (And actually several of the rooms for the convention) air conditioner didn't work.  So it'd more or less just spit hot air around the bedroom before going to the front desk to complain.  Then once they fixed it, giving me the suite I'd booked my key didn't work meaning I had to go from the sixth floor, to the first floor.  Three times before the card key they gave me worked.  Oh, and about going to the first floor obviously it's a convention so I expect the elevators to be busy.  But these elevators were not only busy, but they were slow, and one was completely broken the entire duration of the convention. Meaning there were two elevators left for a convention that was taking up six floors of this hotel (the hotel wasn't wide so they couldn't stretch everything on 1-2 floors.  Which is perfectly fine in a normal case.  Not this one however.)

All in all, the convention was fine.  The hotel it was hosted in however was simply put...terrible and if that remains a problem for next year I don't think I'll be planned on returning.  Perhaps I'll post some pictures later once I sort everything out (I didn't take off pictures from my personal vacation or anything last month so everything is jumbled about on my camera's memory stick.)

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